Dietetic Internship Week 13: Management

I must confess that I’m retroactively blogging.The events I’m about to talk about occurred a few days ago. The details are a bit blurry; with this disclaimer, let’s move on.

My last week as an intern in foodservice at Eagle Ridge Hospital passed by relatively quickly. With my internship partner, we made a few more modifications to the chicken potato bake recipe to give it an “identity”, as my preceptor call it. We trialled an improved pork in mushroom sauce recipe, which was met was success. We played around with the filling of a chicken wrap. We also wrapped up (haha, no pun intended) a few projects we’ve been working on, including delivering a staff education about fire protocol, and finishing a handout about meal tray delivery procedures.

Sesame chicken wrap with diced chicken, julienned carrots, black beans, sesame dressing, and mayo in a whole wheat tortilla.
Sesame chicken wrap with diced chicken, julienned carrots, black beans, sesame dressing, and mayo in a whole wheat tortilla.

A valuable part of this placement was the feedback I got from my preceptor at the end. She identified taking time to celebrate success as an area for improvement. She explained that although it’s important to set high standards for oneself, if I consistently think that I’m not good enough, eventually I’ll feel incompetent and demotivated, which will impact my performance. Moreover, if I think this way about myself, to myself, I will likely feel disappointed with others’ performances, because I’ll only focus on what can be improved. Eventually, this will negatively impact working relationships. Celebrating success, it allows me to stay positive throughout my life journey, which in turn, can help me face challenges with resiliency and better appreciate the strengths of others.

View from Renfrew Skytrain Station
A misty morning — taken from Renfrew skytrain station.

I’m happy to say that I passed this rotation, and I’ve gained not only a better understanding of hospital food service, but of myself as well. I’m also very grateful for the support from my preceptor, fellow intern, and all the food service staff at Eagle Ridge Hospital throughout these 4 weeks, who have all made my experience a positive one.


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